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So by now we all know that the HD remake of SC2 was created using the European version of the game; which happened to be the final edition of the game when it came out back in the previous generation of consoles. Unfortunately, it also happened to be the worst version of the game; so bad that even at some European tournaments, they used the North American version!

Well this week, Bandai-Namco (formerly Namco-Bandai), released a patch that addresses some of the bugs introduced with the European version; as well as some of the bugs introduced in the HD-porting process. No word on whether or not this patch adjusts many of the issues with frames in the game, including the changes to clash windows... However, this is pretty good since I don't think any of us were expecting a patch in the first place. Full patch notes after the break [...]
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Final Round 17 is just around the corner and everyone is getting hyped up! In order to pull everyone into our excitement, community members have crafted a Pre-Final Round podcast. @RTD @Jimbonator @Blueboyb @Ringout and @Ramon recap all of the events leading up to today. In the video they cover the latest Southern California Regionals, Winter Brawl, the players who will be attending, and much more! This will be the biggest SCV event since EVO 2012. Click here to check it out [...]
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Final round this year will be missing out on some of our top players. In order to make this Final Round the hypest event for Soulcalibur, @RTD has been putting in a ton of work. In the Soulcalibur Competitve Players Group, RTD has started a donation drive for two of our top players. @LostProvidence from Chicago and @lolo from Mexico would love to compete. However, LP and lolo need support from the community so that they can attend. See more about the players and how to donate [...]
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Most of you know that Final Round this year is going to be a huge event for Soulcalibur V. Thanks to Shin Blanka and others in the Atlanta scene, Soulcalibur was added to the list of main games. However, we have ran into a problem. There are just so many top players coming this year for FR17 that we need your help!

You can help us out by giving us your speculations on who will make Top 3. We can determine how to make an appropriate bracket by the community telling us who the real top dogs are. Below is RTD's post in the Soul Calibur Competitive Players Facebook Group where he addresses our predicament. Click here to see who is coming [...]
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Soulcalibur: Lost Swords has finally been given a release date! According to EGM, the release date for Soulcalibur: Lost Swords in Europe and Australia is Spring 2014, however no date has been mentioned for North America. The game launched in Japan today so if you are desperate to get your hands on the game then make a JPN account and get downloading! No other information has been released yet.

Update: Release date for all regions confirmed for the end of April.

You can view the character trailers by clicking here. [...]