[Mar 2, 2012] FINAL ROUND XV (Atlanta, GA)

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FINAL ROUND XV Sp00ky Stream 1
Start Date: Mar 2, 2012 09:00 AM
End Date: Mar 4, 2012 09:00 PM
Time Zone: America/New_York -05:00 EST

The "WESTIN" Atlanta Perimeter North
7 Concourse Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30328

Posted By: ShinBlanka

Confirmed Attendees: 29
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  1. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior


    MARCH 2-4, 2012


    Apart of the Evolution 2k12 Tournament series "Road to EVO" as an OFFICIAL PITSTOP tournament!

    We are pleased to announce that The EVOLUTION TOURNAMENT SEASON 2012 are donating $10,000 towards the top spots at 4 Major events across the nation Called "THE PIT STOPS"! The following was taken from the front page of SRK:

    Check out the latest FRXV trailer:

    Don't miss out on this years event as we have more goodies to announce in the up coming weeks! FINAL ROUND XV is only 33 days away!

    We are proud to announce that FINAL ROUND XV will be on March 2-4, 2012. The hype doesn't stop and we had to start extra early on planning for FR15. As of right now the

    Major game roster for FRXV are as followed:

    *** = Games apart of the Evolution Tournament Season

    1. Super Street Fighter 4 AE v.2012***

    2. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom3***

    3. Soul Calibur V***

    4. Mortal Kombat9***

    5. BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2

    6. Melty Blood AACC (PC only)

    7. TekkenTagTournamentHD

    8. King Of Fighters 13***

    9. Street Fighter III 3rd strike online edition

    10. Tekken6

    The systems used will be PS3 for the time being. This may change if I get sponsorship from another source. Other games will be added to the list, but those are the core games that will be played at FR15 up to this moment. We have A LOT IN STORE for people that plan to attend FR15 that we will be hinting towards throughout the year. Being the 15th anny of FR we have to do it BIG this year event and that is one reason we are changing venues for FR15.

    As always we aim to bring you the best tournament you've ever competed in each and every year and FR15 will try to top this years event! We are upgrading the venue from this past year event and we hope everyone will enjoy our new venue. The "WESTIN" is the new home of FR15 and here's the location:

    The "WESTIN" Atlanta Perimeter North

    7 Concourse Parkway



    United States

    With the 15th aniversary of Final Round we felt that we had to upgrade on the venue and we heard the complaints about having to pay for parking. This year there will be NO PARKING FEE'S!!!!! That goes for players that get a room at the hotel or for those that want to spectate. The Room rates will be $93.00 per night (Normally $165) if you reserve under the Final Round 15 group rate.

    I CAN'T WAIT for this event to happen! If you think your serious about Fighting games and you always wanted to come to Final Round, but never had the chance to attend then don't MISS the 15th aniversary of FINAL ROUND!


    This up coming year in March 2-4, 2012 FINAL ROUND XV will have 2 HIGH QUALITY Streams. It's confirmed "Team SPOOKY" at http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky will be the Main stream for the 15th Anniversary of FINAL ROUND! With the excellent job "Mr. Victor Fontanez" did with FR14 we had to invite him to Stream FR15. Team spooky will be streaming All of the top 8 events on sunday March 4th, 2012 and various games throughout the 3 day event.

    Also we are hype to announce that a very talented streamer called "FunkyP" at http://www.twitch.tv/funkyp will be the 2nd stream during FINAL ROUND XV. They will also have various games during the 3 day event. A schedule for what games to be streamed will be made as the event gets closer for both streams. We at Final Round want people that aren't able to attend FINAL ROUND to sit back, relax, and watch both streams over a 3 day period. So get hype because there are more things instore to make this years event The best FINAL ROUND too date!

    More info coming soon shawty........

    As taken from the front page of SRK:

    TeamSpooky and iPlayWinner to producer the first ever fighting game centered internet reality show. The show is called “Cross Assault” and it will follow the exploits of ten players as they try to win a prize of $25,000. Here is a description from the official press release.

    Competing on Capcom’s next premier fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken, the playing field is even. With strategic advice from the coaches, players must work together as a team and race to find the most effective strategies to win team challenges, or risk elimination.

    And it’s completely LIVE. We will be live streaming practice sessions, team challenges, elimination matches, as well as player interviews and insight from special guests. You can watch as much as you want, and see the action unfold as it happens.

    Cross Assault will be held in February with the finals being held at Final Round in Atlanta, GA, and you can enter! Just make a video telling Capcom why you would be a good contestant on Cross Assault and upload it to the internet. Then, submit the video link at the official Cross Assault application and rules page. You have to choose whether you are part of team Street Figther or team Tekken when you enter. Heck, for $25,000, I’ll be on any team you want me to be Capcom."

    So make sure you check this series out on IPW/Spooky streams and be sure to watch the grand finals at FRXV on Saturday March 3, 2012. More exciting details for the 15th Anniversary of FINAL ROUND coming soon!

    Early bird registration for the HYPEST Fighting Game tournament on planet earth is here


    Go here https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/StarGroupsWeb/booking/reservation?id=1109065066&key=7A7BA to reserve your room at the venue for FINAL ROUND 15.

    Don't miss out on the 15th anniversary of Fighting Game Community "SOUTHERN TRADITION" and longest running east coast tournament called FINAL ROUND! With only 5 months until the mayhem starts make sure you plan early to attend this years event! March will be here before you know it people. Get HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teaser trailer is coming soon!

    Also follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/ATLfinalround to get updates and giveaways for FR15.


    Hey man the easiest way to geto the hotel from the airport is to take the local transit system. Our train is called MARTA. It cost $2.50 to ride and there is a station with a train at the airport that will take you to the hotel. Check out the following website for location of stations and where you have to goto.​

    http://www.itsmarta.com/ns-med-overview.aspx this is for the medical center and it's the closer out of the 2 stations. The shortest to walk from if you can't get a shuttle.​

    This is a spot for a major atlanta mall so you might get distracted by the ATL females on the train and going towards the mall.​

    There are 2 MARTA stations within a mile of the event hotel and you can call the hotel shuttle to pick you up from the train station if you have a room booked under the Final Round group rate. I hope this helps you out sir.​
  2. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

    We have some VERY EXCITING NEWS COMING UP that I think everyone in these forums will enjoy at FR15!
  3. Nightterror92

    Nightterror92 [05] Battler

    To much to read and kinda complicated for people who aren't familiar with the abreviations...
    In other words I don't understand not one bit! No sarcasm or anything like that intended.
  4. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

    umvc3=Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom3
    ssf4 AE 2012= Super Street Fighter 4 AE version 2012
    KOF13=King Of Fighters 13
    T6= Tekken 6
    BBCS2= Blazblue Continuum Shift 2

    I hope that cleared things up sir. The 9th game will be revealed on holloween!
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  5. Nightterror92

    Nightterror92 [05] Battler

    Indeed you've cleared many a thing up, thanks!
  6. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

    No Problem sir. I can't wait for this announcement!
  7. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

    There will be a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT ON HOLLOWEEN! Also the EARLY BIRD online special for FR15 badges will end on Holloween! Early Bird FR15 badges are only $25 compared to $40 at the door, so don't miss out on the deal if you know you're coming to Final Round 15. You can puchase your badge now and games later down the road. Go here http://www.finalround.org/FRXV/index.cfm for your FR15 info.
  8. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

    THANK YOU FOR THE STICKY MODS! I can't wait to spill the beans shawty!
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    If SC5's there, Chicago's there.
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    BLACKSTAR [10] Knight

    Where's SC5?
  10. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

  11. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

  12. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

    surprizes are a good thing! :sc4sig1:

    BLACKSTAR [10] Knight

    We'll either way, I'm glad you reminded me, because I keep forgetting to register. Even saw it on the GA facebook thread and forgot. :P

    I'll go ahead and do it today
  14. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

    ok cool!
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    Jaxel Administrator

    You're welcome. For some reason, the Soulcalibur community has never really supported Final Round; and I never understood why. Some of the best players in our community come from the Georgia and Tennessee area, so it's always been amazing that Soulcalibur always gets a poor showing. We seem to have the same issue with Devastation as well... even though both you and DrDogg go out of your way to try to please us.

    Well this year we've finally shown support to Devastation and I'm hoping the community will do the same for FinalRound.
  15. KrayzieCD

    KrayzieCD [11] Champion

    Actually back in the SC3 days Final Round was huge. I remember in 2007 we had 45 entrants and almost the same number in 2008 even though SC3 was on the decline with the announcement that SC4 was coming. It was when SC4 came that support from our community dropped, no idea why though.
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  16. Malice
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    Malice Administrator

    We supported Dev last year. Hopefully FR blows up next year for SC.
  17. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

    I hope so sir! We got big things planned this year that should get everyone excited!
  18. ShinBlanka

    ShinBlanka [09] Warrior

    Don't You sir have a PIMP Cup!?!? I hope you can make it out again sir!. Where the hell is my boy malik?

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