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    Losing is one of the most difficult things to deal with. A loss implies that you are wrong- your methods are wrong, your thinking is wrong. It suggests that- if I am wrong about this, what else am I wrong about? It can be a crippling, destabilizing event that damages your ego into disrepair.

    But what about when you’re ready to change? What happens when you accept your loss for what it is, and you’re ready to begin to fight earnestly? You must throw away guilt and honor and social regard for others. As it turns out, the path to glory is only fit for the ruthless.

    Do whatever it takes to win.

    Spam your opponent mercilessly with the same move. Play dirty with ringouts, CE traps, and self-perpetuating okizeme situations. Disrespect your opponent to get him to lose his temper. Teabag, taunt, and overkill his corpse.

    Anything goes. Honor does not have a meaning in this game.

    Now listen carefully- I don’t mean you should log off now and start running naked in the streets.

    Honor your opponent in real life, but not in the game.

    Imagine being at a tournament. You sit down, plug your controller in. You look your opponent in the eye, you shake his hand. It’s good sportsmanship. Maybe you make some small talk before the match.

    On that TV screen, you do the virtual equivalent of killing his parents, eating his children, and raping his wife. I’m talking total war, Genghis Khan, heads on stakes, streets run red. Guys with gas masks and flamethrowers. Burn everything. Flip open the glass cover and smack the big red button.

    Scorched earth, nuclear winter, blackened sky, glass craters. Complete and utter annihilation.

    In real life, you turn to him and say, “Good game”, and then shake his hand. Maybe go and eat dinner together or hang out and chat afterwards.

    In a strange way, fighting in a no-holds-barred, “dishonorable” fashion in the game

    is honor.

    Holding back your cheap and dirty (read- your strongest) tactics implies that you think less of your opponent, that you do not show him your true strength, all that you have when you are pushed to your limit and nothing else exists besides your desire to win.

    “Not fighting seriously would be disrespectful.”

    (We do not cheat, or physically harm our opponents because we are civilized men; this is 2012. But were we barbarians, this would be fair game as well.)

    The problem is focusing on the now.

    If you are trying to win now, you are not trying to get stronger. If you do not get stronger, you will not win in the future.

    The only way to get stronger is to do things differently than you are now. Doing new things means you won’t be as good as when you were doing old things (you mess up because you’re trying new things). While you’re messing up, your opponent is probably playing their best- so you’re getting hit.

    Thus, you lose until you become better.

    The only way to get stronger is to lose. You can lose in practice mode, you can lose in the field, but you must lose somewhere.

    (For you FMA fans- that’s the real-world application of Equivalent Exchange.)

    The best way to focus on winning is to not focus on winning.

    When you are truly focused on winning, you are focused on losing. Or rather- you are focused on learning. Without loss, without taking the time to learn, every day, every chance you get, continuously, you may win now, but you cannot win later. As you learn more, you win more- but you mustn’t stop learning, not for anything or anyone.

    After a while of following this… wins and losses become meaningless; there is no joy, no pain, no emotion tied to winning or losing, they are just outcomes and nothing more. You improve as you go, enjoying the process along the way. You are just playing the game and nothing else.

    It is not about winning or losing. It is about fighting. It is about the thrill of battle. It is about the adrenaline. It is about knowing yourself, knowing your limits, and pushing past them, gritting your teeth and straining until blood begins to run from your eyes. This is the answer to the question “What is the meaning of life?” It is to struggle. It is the experience… of being human. Of conflict.

    This is why you play.

    Not to win, but to live.

    Forget about winning and losing… then you can start to see-

    Fighting as communication.

    You never know a man until you fight him.

    It’s easy when your mind is clear and you are not wrapped up in the chains of anger and desire to make fast friends with your opponents. Because- you have fought to the death with them… Through multiple lifetimes.

    We are descended from barbarians, savages, animals, after all. Violence is what we are attracted to, violence is what we understand. Violence is the basest language that all humans speak.

    And you have spoken volumes with your opponent in battle. French, German, Korean, Portuguese- it matters not. Because we are talking in the universal language- and everyone understands the meaning of a cold blade and a boot to the face.

    You’ve peeked into their mind, you know their limits, their strengths, their tenacity. Their essence. You know them.

    It is much deeper than a layman’s friendship.

    It is respect.

    This is the true brilliance of fighting games- the enlightenment from brutal violence, the purity of war- and nobody has to die or get hurt.

    Splendid, isn’t it?


Discussion in 'Soulcalibur Tactics' started by DrakeAldan, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. DrakeAldan
    This is my last planned article.

    With these basics, you should be able to do anything in the game.

    If you have any questions about the game, you can ask here, or PM me, and I’ll either do my best to answer them or direct you to where you can find the answers.


    I’m not mad all of the time. I used to have hate and anger and I used to get frustrated, I used to be bitter and now it doesn’t happen. Because there’s no reason to.

    It comes from understanding.

    At the casual level, winning is fun. Losing is hard to accept.

    We are animals, after all. Dominating others feels good. It is nothing to be ashamed about or stay quiet about- it is just a fact.

    When you have ascended in your skill… you just play the game. There is no frustration- possibly only with yourself. There is no “bullshit” because you’ve studied it all. You know what to expect.

    Your losses are your own fault and nothing else- you know exactly why you lost, or you can figure it out with some introspection.

    The knowledge produces tranquility. Why get mad when you already know the answer?


    It’s a funny thing. If you have a man, a warrior, and he is not a sadist or psychopath, he will be… laid-back. Easy to get along with. A nice guy.

    Because he understands how easy it is to die- the fragility of human existence. With the power to take life comes the respect for life itself- because you know it could be easily your own that vanishes next.


    Follow the path to power. It is freedom from suffering. Isn’t that what we all want?


    Why come to tournaments?

    The strongest opponents will only be offline. The limitations of online play create a skill cap that is very much reachable, and if you are continually striving to become stronger, you will only stagnate by staying at home.

    That, and-

    It’s… It’s not just a game that you can play at home.

    It’s a social thing. It’s family.

    These are kindred souls. Worthy opponents. We bond through violence.

    It is one of the purest human experiences I know.
  2. IdleMind
    DrakeAldan, for your service, valor, unrelenting logic, and lengthy quest to defeat the forces of scrubdom and ignorance, I present you with the peoples cross of the republic, the highest honor within my power to bestow besides a lifetime ban.

  3. DeathInMyEyes

    I lost it, laughing my ass off right now. I can relate to this post so well.

    There's been so many times where I'll shake my opponent's hand, beat their ass or get my ass beat, and then wind up being best friends with that guy for a couple hours or the rest of the day.

    And let's not forget, shit talking mid-match during casuals. I love it. Literally screaming at the top of your lungs in the middle of a match, everyone laughing their ass off, including your opponent, is just too much fun.

    If you ever play a slightly inebriated Enkindu face-to-face, you'll understand. You won't be able to concentrate. Shit's just too hilarious.
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  4. Mr.MeatHook
    I see what you did there.
  5. Party Wolf
    Finally a person who encourages tea bags!
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  6. Sp1d3r
    Now to get all of these tutorials in the game.....
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  7. WarIn54321
    I fully agree with this article. Before, I used to think mockery on the screen was a sign of disrespect, but that can be blamed on the Call of Duty kids and Halo kids. Seeing them in the video game community doing that is ragefuel, and never in a good way. Now I understand that when a mature video game community does it routinely and has a chat in the end shows how we have evolved. What better way to learn and show the good and the bad in ways that strengthen us as a whole? Truly a great read.
  8. Dark_Tibu
    Fight with passion, let your opponent taste the cold steel of your sword.

    The truth have been said, now get out there and fight.
  9. CorrectDefense
    All the articles have been great. Going to miss them :(
  10. WarIn54321
  11. Vulcan422
    The answer lies...in the heart of battle.
  12. lxhizy
    this disappoints me
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  13. OneManjiArmy
    ....I don't corpse hit or spam... imo it's just disrespect, but I do understand why people do it.

    But to be honest with you Drake, I'd rather play a match where both sides have fun with the game instead of spamming and pissing the other person off.

    Great read though.
  14. Party Wolf
    imo if someone can't adjust to someone being "disrespectful", then that's one weakness they have as a player and need to work on. It a viable tactic to use at a tournament scene. I mean look at Alex J, he's the perfect example of the offline troll.
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  15. OneManjiArmy
    I see what you mean. Yes, It is a tactic- i'm well aware. I'm not saying I cannot adjust to it- I've had matches with trolls. I'm a former troll myself xD

    I will make it clear that I do not disagree with Drake's article, I was just stating my opinion as a casual player. I guess i'm just too much of a nice guy :x
  16. IdleMind
    There is no such thing as spam.
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  17. DeathInMyEyes
    Hormel Foods would like to have a word with you.

  18. IdleMind
    I think the best part about this, is somewhere, some snarky know-it-all kid is thinking "yeah you showed him!"
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