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It's time for another Spectator Cast, this time with a whopping 3 guests. this week we are joined by Greatone, Partisan, and Party Wolf to discuss Soul Calibur 6's long-awaited announcement. Points of discussion include Reversal edge, movement, move list, character roster, keys to sustaining community growth and more. Video after the break...
PSX has revealed the first gameplay of SCVI in motion. I broke down the most notable changes on my twitch stream and I will link the archive below. I will list the changes me and my stream caught. Feel free to post what you have seen below! Here is the raw footage without me talking over it.

SOULCALIBUR VI - Gameplay Preview | PS4
What's up, gang? With much sadness, I bring to you the last character episode of the SoulCast. We have, indeed, reached that point in the series and Alpha Patroklos is the last non-Edgemaster character to do. Special thanks to LostProvidence for joining me on this finale and sharing his knowledge! I do have some shoutouts and such after the break (before the video), but otherwise enjoy!...
So, this episode was originally recorded at the end of November, but due to some very unfortunate hardware failure, my computer went kaput and I had to wait to get some scratch to get new parts so that I could get at the harddrive. (Which, by the way, thank God the harddrive/files didn't get corrupted.) For that, I am very sorry for the ridiculous delay.

With that out of the way, let's get to some Calibur! Big thanks to AZYG4LYFE for coming on to the show and chatting some Dampierre. Much love to those across the pond and the international community as a whole. Enjoy!
How about a little mid-week podcasting for all you guys? I actually put this up the other day but forgot to make the post for it. (Whoops.)

This episode we're talking about the sparky redhead, Hilde. Big thanks to Hussler for coming on the show and spreading the knowledge. Enjoy!
"GloomyCast" kind of sounds like a bad weather report, doesn't it? In any case, a big ring made of deathblades seems a bit dangerous for the user, if you ask me, but warning labels aren't going to keep Tira down!

This episode SaltFace_GA was kind enough to come on to the podcast and talk some Tira strats. I had to fight a little technical difficulty, but I hope you still enjoy! Only a couple of characters left after this!
Voldo time! Some call him unique, some call him innovative... I call him creepy.

But to each his own, I suppose. Enkindu was kind enough to come on and talk some strats and stuff. I don't really have anything witty for this description. Sorry. Enjoy nevertheless!
Fencers unite! It is time to talk a little vampiric swordsman strats, which I know some people have been desperately wanting. Well, I'm gonna give you far more than I think you really wanted.

Heaton, who is quickly running away with the Most SoulCast Appearances award, was kind enough to come on and pretty much give a move-by-move rundown of this character. Also, he provided a Google Docs link to his notes for each move, so you lazy buttholes don't even have to write anything down! In addition to that, Jimbo, who plays a different style of Raph than Heaton, gave us an awesome write-up on his perspective of Raphael. TLDR: I spoil you guys.
Yes, we really just titled this the ShiningBaconCast. And yes, I'm going to MAKE you figure out the connection. If you do, I can probably afford to give you a cookie if we ever meet.

That aside, it's time for more strats! Inching ever closer to the end of the character list, and now it's time for us to chat about some Mr. Evil Siegfried. For this episode I brought on DIME (DeathInMyEyes) who was kind enough to share his knowledge, and newly gained knowledge at that! I don't know what it is about Florida and Nightmare; must be something in the air. Enjoy!
Welcome to the Dark Side... or something like that.

I hope everyone enjoyed watching and/or participating at EVO, and of course congratulations to Kinetic, but it's time to get back to the strats! For this episode, I brought on an all-too familiar voice, the Canadian himself, Partisan, to chat a little Pyrrha V2.0. Not a lot of Omega players out there, so hopefully this helps those aspiring. Or, maybe you just want a little insider knowledge to better be able to beat her. Whatever your flavor, we got it. Enjoy!
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