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Just some minutes ago, the Evolution Championship Series Facebook page posted a poll asking it's followers about which games they'd like to see for EVO 2013.

I encourage all of you to vote and show the fighting game community that we support our game and want to see it at next years EVO Championships! It isn't everyday we get an opportunity like this, so PLEASE take advantage of it and show your support! If you'd like to see our game/community return as part of the biggest fighting game tournament in North America you should definitely vote...
In years past, there's usually a down period after the conclusion of EVO until the next major event for us, but this year, there hasn't been much of a down period in major tournaments hosting Soulcalibur with plenty of events to check out going into 2013.

There were also some people asking about posting events on the front page, so I thought that it would be great to create one post for the upcoming events and include details and videos for those who are interested in attending. Click here to see the list of upcoming events...
Contrary to popular belief, there's still tournaments taking place for Soulcalibur V. If you happened to miss the live streams from the most recent events or check the archives for Tekken Arena, GUTS, or Double Impact, these match videos are now available to watch on YouTube.

You can watch the finals videos from these respective tournaments after the break. Special thanks to Kombat Houston, GameUnderground, and Tekken Italia for the uploads. Click here to watch the finals videos from the respective tournaments...
This weekend, we also had two major events that featured tournaments for Soulcalibur V, in Seasons Beatings: Ascension which was held on Friday night in Cleveland Ohio, and GUTS: Game Underground Tournament Spectacular which took place on Saturday in Somerville, Massachusetts.

If you were unable to attend or watch the tournaments live, you can find the stream archives as well as the results after the break. Click here to see the results and stream archives of the tournaments...
On Sunday, France will be conducting their first in a series of ranking battle for Soulcalibur V, where France's best players will battle it out to determine France's best Soulcalibur V player. France has been conducting ranking battles throughout the Soulcalibur series, so it's good to see them now commence for SCV.

Along with SCV, there will also be ranking battles for Soulcalibur IV, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, and possibly Soulcalibur II. Make sure you tune in tomorrow for the event which is scheduled to begin on Sunday 9/30/2012 at 10AM Paris/4AM Eastern and is being streamed by Hazu. Please check after the break for an embed of the stream and additional details...
August 24th- Aug. 27th, While America had it's own major tournament (MLG), in Germany, East Brandenburg Open (EBO for short), was also going on. Big names such as Ring, Hyrul, Malek, Pantocrator, daGOTTh, JAG, and others that can be viewed further into the article, were battling it out for the "champion" title of EBO.

With the aftermath proving to be in Ring's favor, I thought I'd catch up with some of the top placers via EBO. As well as posting the results, links towards the videos, and pictures taken by our very own community members all the way from Germany. Continued after the break...
So as most of you know, Im on a personal quest to cut all the hippy long hair some of yall got. So after months of giving Juece a hard time about his hair. I threw a scenerio at him....

We play a FT20, If HRD wins, He will prance around in a dress and make a vid of it on youtube. If Juece wins, he shaves his head and makes a vid of it on youtube.

But Juece came up with something better:

Juece and I will play a FT10. If Juece wins, he cuts his hair and donates it to cancer patients. If HRD wins, he will donate the money equivalent to what Juece wouldve gotten if he had won.

So its set folks. Me and Juece are going at it this labor day sometime in the evening. I hope to have Fahros either stream or record this just for the lolz. Or if someone else is willing, that would be great to. Juece and I put on a good show last time and this time it will be even more epic. Aint no long haired hippy person gonna get the best of HRD!!!

This particular...
Only a few more days left to register for this Ladder/Online Tournament! Once you register, you have till August 30th to play your matches!

Sign up for the Soul Calibur V Ladder Powered by PlayStation for a chance to win $1,500 (First Place.) Major League Gaming Inc. (“Major League Gaming” or “MLG”), which also encompasses “GameBattles”, will conduct this Soul Calibur V Online Tournament Presented By PlayStation® (the “Tournament”) in accordance with these official rules (the “Official Rules”), unless otherwise indicated. Read more...
As always, the basic broadcast for each game will be free in standard definition. The streams will be found at Read more...
The Summer Championship in Raleigh from August 24-26th is an event you won’t want to miss. The spectator experience is going to be awesome, and we’re about to make it even better for five lucky people.

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