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Hey, guys. Spider here with another batch of highly concentrated forum juice.​
This week, we unmask scrubs, learn from the pros, and question why stages can be chosen in ranked mode. ZeroEffect317 has released a new episode of his Leixia tutorial series, PockyYoshi begins his Create-A-Soul IRON challenge, and in honor we get to feed Xiba.​
The Armory is a collection of community content released every Thursday. Suit up...
Finally, after a long time the Greek Soul Calibur community is starting to gather and the first tournament of this year's session has already taken place.

Old and new Soul Calibur players have finally started clashing with each other in Soul Calibur V, a title that as it seems will return this game's greek community in its former glory, as it were during SCII times! To the Greekdojo...
That's right folks, MLG Anaheim player passes for everything but fighting games are sold out and spectator passes are almost gone. What does that mean? That means that soon the Starcraft2 and LoL spectators are going to have to buy our competitor passes just to get in the door.

If you have plans to attend this, buy one NOW! Click here for the link to buy passes.
We’re back again with more media and the Armory is fully loaded. Before we get into the thick of it—a contest announcement. “Calibur Heroes” is starting up soon; you’ll submit online/offline matches and the community will vote for the best fights.

The winning matches are analyzed and commentated on. More after the break...
Spring is a big Season for fighting games here at MLG. The Fighter Arena on Saturday, April 28 will feature Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat, and both games will also be played, along with King of Fighters XIII, at the Spring Championship. Now, thanks to PlayStation®, Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat competitions will also be taking place on GameBattles all Season long.

The Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat Online Tournaments, Powered by PlayStation® will give you the chance to hone your skills for the Spring Championship, and win prize money in the process. They're free to enter, anyone can participate, and you can compete in both games with the chance to take home $5,000! Registration is open now; sign up and show everyone what you've got!
Yesterday, the top 8 players from the MLG Winter Championships flew out to the MLG Studio in NYC to compete in the exclusive Fighter's Arena! In a stunning upset, Hawkeye (@iltokyoli) from Chicago, who came seeded in 8th place, defeated the 1st seeded player Keev from France in an almost completely one-sided 4-1 Grand Finals!

Congratulations to Hawkeye for retaking the Soulcalibur title for America! In addition to the top 8 players, Rod "Slasher" Breslau from was on hand to conduct interviews with the top two players throughout the day. Those interviews, as well as the complete results for the event can be found after the break...
If you are like me and missed the stream earlier today from France for Soul Arena #6, you can find the results, bracket and stream archives after the break. This is also a good opportunity to see Kayane and Keev compete before they fly back to the United States to compete at the MLG Fighter Arena this Saturday.

Special thanks goes to Hazu for streaming this tournament. Click here to see the results and stream archive...
MLG has shared further details on their Fighter Arena which takes place this Saturday at their studio in New York City, NY. This thread has everything that you need in regards to the portion of the broadcast devoted to Soulcalibur V which begins at 2PM Eastern.

MLG will feature a main stream that can be viewed for free in SD and in HD for $4.99 which you can click here to purchase, and featuring commentary by our own BrewtusBibulus. There will also be a second stream featuring behind the scenes access hosted by Gootecks. Further details can be found after the break...
Tokyo Game Night present the first Strike tournament for Soulcalibur V this Saturday from Tokyo, Japan. Strike.1 will feature a singles tournament that has 82 signups with notable players such as Oosaka, Dekopon, and Itabashi Zangief who have entered.

Strike.1 will also feature a 10 on 10 where a dream team that Toilet is a part of will face Team SC, and a Create A Soul competition. And according to Daishi, Fuudo will also be taking part of 10 on 10 competition as well, so this event will be very interesting to watch. Further details can be found after the break...
Update: Results

Captain Russia has gathered 8 best players from all over Russia to compete for wealth & glory in SoulCalibur V deathmatch.

Event will go live 21/04 on at around 6:30 AM EDT (GMT -4). Check after the break for additional details comrade...