Alex J (Ivy) vs HRD (Maxi)

God, fred on nickL is such a pissant. I need a baseball bat whenever he's on the screen... to chew on.
Hahah! Should've had a "$" KineticCa$h. The voice is close... But a bit too manly ;]
Who's that really? Fred from Nickelodeon? >:)
I noticed he made his character voice match his real voice. :D
Grabbing against alex j is a BIG no no unless your sure it will land. Even then hes got a 50/50 chance of breaking it.

This is one of those matches where Im not fighting Ivy, Im fighting Alex J. Believe me there is a big difference!
Only one throw in the whole match and it was out of range... Now I'm sure either of these guys could take me apart but I expected more grabbing than that.
At least Catgirl can't expose you now. xD
StevenA, you should of seen the Ceirnan CAS. It was funny.


Feb 27, 2013 at 3:54 PM
Posted by Party Wolf
An epic battle between two friends

Credits for music goes to ash sinner:

SOULCALIBUR V is owned by Namco Bandai.
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