Well then, back to the drawing board for Viola strategies. Watch out!
One of my main characters just happens to be Ivy. Imma have some fun with this
i get hella viola practice in with Lostprovidence, Glad RING informed others on sum things.. Good Job Ring.
Oh, Ring. I REALLY HOPE people start teching left after 1A+B. There's a nasty 100+ Damage tech trap there. <3
Destroy this video. It mustn't see the light of day. Kidding, luckily that isn't all to my fighting style. But I must say, I'm now afraid of people that can just guard 44A+B.
Thanks, now do the same with mitsu, thx ^^
  • JustinAkatsuki

hhaha lookout fellow viola players we're are all coming for ya :D
nooo our secrets have been revealed! to the viola forum! i must warn my brethren
Lmao!!! Epic video ring mad props for this bro! Time for some epic viola trolling!! For those of you with YouTube channels TV networks or anything of the sort please join this group and share your work here https://www.facebook.com/groups/382812888443701/
very nice...definitely some useful info in the vid that can be applied to other characters as well.
@RumbleRosesBoss Totally. :) When (/if) she is nerfed, I wonder who will be next on the so called anti-list lol
Thank you kindly, Ring. I appreciate this very much. This will add greatly to what little knowledge I have. Now off to the lab.
Ring, I really appreciate this just because I think a lot of people complain about her simply because they can't figure out the flaws in her mix-ups. I really hope this was an eye opener to the Viola haters cause she does have flaws and she can be dealt with.


Jun 20, 2012 at 11:27 AM
Posted by Ring
Anti Viola guide made by Ring for people who are having trouble against this character. Contains basic strategies against Viola: how to punish, where to step, GI, JG etc..

I used Ivy for this demonstration but most of things shown in the video apply to other characters as well.

Hope this helps.

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