Back Throw Summon Suffering

I felt so bad for poor Amy, btw the laugh at the end was epic as well :D
hahaha, i agree with Signia, Omg, poor amy. LMFAO
that slow motion was fucking disturbing and hilarious
LOL I bet they didn't fix that yet in SCV!
the jump over thing is cool todo, but so impractical
yes i fought ring he jumps over u and does ICS backward looks so sweet
Nice you can see my channel SALMAN99HITS
for BT iCS 109 damage this throw was discover by the Ring
So where is the self-damage on this throw? She clearly twists her back 180°, which imo should hurt if only slightly...


Sep 21, 2011 at 10:22 AM
Posted by Eli123s
Back Throw Summon Suffering
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