Breaking Natsu's Airgrab in Soulcalibur V

Back in SC4 this happened in Training. I went to air grab with Taki on Setsuka. The grab animation on Setsuka continued and Taki fell to the ground lol.
I know how to break it 1000% of the time. Buy me PS+ for a tutorial.
i know how to break it 100% of the time. send me some microsoft points for a tutorial.
This also happens with yoshi sometimes.
This is glitch that was found at the beginning of the game. You can't break the grab, but aganist a few characters Natsu for some reason will ring her self out instead of the opponent. I think it has something to do with the height at which you do the throw.
I believe this is some kind of glitch...this grab is unbreakable since SC3!
You can grapple break her air grab??? O_o??

Is this a glitch or some secret under ground tactic only tournament players know??
Did you even look at the button replay, Song of silence? Sit down please.


Nov 3, 2013 at 7:34 PM
Posted by Green Extreme
Yeah, you can do it. Go try for yourself. No more ringouts for Natsu lol.
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