Agreed RawpickleS, COMmon cleary has too much time on his hands.
But you came back tho... Maybe for a little Subjective Fun?
Hmmmm, I come back and COMmon is wasting time here being immature. He should get some hobbies/jobs/significant others.
Lol or maybe... "You don't get this joke." or perhaps "You are fustrated"
Subjective.... hmmm like the statement "You still don't know subjective"?
Lol a fact is a fact because it is true... I also was not trying to prove anything to you. I was correcting you not trying to persuade you to think like me. Lol
The music is sub par and the lyrics abysmal ';_ ;
You still don't know subjective. I made this because it was fun. which is again, subjective.
Real talk tho. You seemed to have posted this for attention and I'm sure even someone as childish as you can take praise and criticism. Take everything I said as what I said: You are not funny. Your humor is overdone/stale. You are thirsty. Good job, carry on.
Calling you 29 is not an opinion, it says it on your profile, but apparently the fact is based on your lie. Not my fault. I called it SUBJECTIVE FUN. You don't understand subjective. Arguing is trying to make a point, and your point is that I'm a childish fool. I agree that I can't prove you're not chill. As you CAN call me immature, it doesn't mean I am.
Who are they to even say it's funny. Lol THEY DON'T REALLY KNOW YOU WITHVEES!! XD
Your logic you mean. Have a look up... You just posted an entire video about opinions you have on someone you do not know. It clear why you think you know so much about logical fallacies. After all, hypocrites always know best.
But of course, you won't be satisfied until you win this argument. I will be the mature one here and stop commenting on this. You seem to frustrated over a joke that you don't get. I understand.

Some people found it funny. Jokes are jokes and you don't get this one. It does not matter if I don't know Enk. I know the circumstances, and thus, the joke is about the circumstances.
1. I'm 29/ incorrect
2. I'm arguing/ incorrect
3. You are amusing, relevant, entertaining/ incorrect
4. I'm not chill/ incorrect
5. I can't call you immature/ incorrect

Don't confuse the silly shit you do with what I do buddy. I wasn't harassing you, I'm just tired of seeing these childish regurgitated attempts at humor, especially at the expense of someone else, every time I get on this site. You know? High School, I don't have a relevant life type shit?
Obviously this JOKE that you seem to don't get, is not funny to you, therefor it doesn't concern you, but yet you comment on it. People laughed at it, who are you to judge if something is funny? Do you get your logic? Of course no one NEEDS to see this. This is subjective fun. You call me an idiot because of my stupid response, but yet it was not a stupid response. I debunked your logical fallacy.

Only a childish idiot would assume that I wouldn't have a hobby/job/significant other. You're the one making baseless conjectures on someone YOU DON'T KNOW.

This is a double standard logical fallacy. Again, your argument is invalid.
Like I said, an idiot. Low and behold, a stupid response. Only a childish idiot would get on the internet and post a tasteless video about someone THEY DON'T KNOW because of an issue that doesn't even concern them. I get it, like I said before, you are a childish idiot. You do these things.... But no one on this site needs to see this silly shit. GROW UP
From your logic, I could call you immature for being 29 and still play video games, because, of course, EVERY mature person doesn't play video games. Only kids play it.

Logical Fallacies. Try not to use them.
Logical response? You asked a question and I answered them. And your logic is invalid. Me being immature because of my age is a logical fallacy. Hasty Generalization: creating a conclusion based on insufficient knowledge. Knowledge being me. You self claim being the mature one, but you're arguing and insulting people on the internet. You assumed I had no life. My evidence is that you told me to get a hobby/job/significant other when indeed I had all of those. You can't call me immature because you do not know me.

Also chill the fuck out, it's just the internet.


Jun 20, 2014 at 5:55 AM
Posted by Withvees
carry on indeed
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