DOIN' WORK in Soul Calibur V Ep. #9 (SO SALTY!!!)

I suppose Green Fahros = Mellow Fahros
Red Fahros = Pissed off Fahros
Must press buttons. Entertaining...keep at it man.
kAb, you like complaining about stuff you don't understand too!? ^^
FGC buzzword, FGC buzzword, complain about shit you dont understand, FGC buzzword, 4B, 4B, FGC buzzword, get hit by crybaby, OMG SO STUPID, jumping move goes over 2A, WITCHCRAFT!!!


Apr 5, 2012 at 1:16 PM
Posted by Fahros
---EXPAND!---'ve just gotta let it all out. LOL!

Hopefully you all enjoyed the video. :)

Seeya all soon, and until next time, take care,


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