Driftmaniac765 (Amy) vs TheAmazing1s (Yoshi)

BlkRabbit mains Taki, He's good with her but i dont think he's ever been serious with me though.
Sorry for the triple post you can't edit these comments. Anyway is the blkRabbit any good? I wanna fight him sometime.
Someone hit me up on x-9-DANDO-7-x I need moar competition!! MOAR!! lol
DTH_WSH relies on Yoshi's drain to win. That's why I rape his ass everytime :D Someone get online lol.
I don't do so well if its a 3 Bar o.o"
Has anyone played that Noob DTH_WSH?
OMG it pains me to watch him, And he uses HP drain A OUUU i hate him -.- that's the only reason he ever won against me...In Special Versus...
oh haha 8-) my bad dawg!

yoshi's stance mix-ups are primarily garbage offline; you shouldn't ever expect MED B to hit, nor should you ever expect to get any legit damage off of SDGF stuff. if you can hit the SDGF K:K life recovery, that's okay to throw out there when appropriate but it's usually not worth the risk. i'd be more than happy to have some yoshi mirrors with you if you were up for it (and also more than happy to have some amy mirrors with drift if he's up for it too) :)
no, lol you've got me all wrong :) i need to improve i was just wondering what you thought of my game and how to improve it
no one's telling you how to improve ^_^ no comment was even directed at you, but i'd be more than happy to play you sometime if you feel like you don't really need any improving to do.
don't tell me how to improve :D drift u keep learing mate your getting really good at a rapid rate
Well it's more of a... lets say... a "friendly" match, Neither of us were serious. lol. I am better then this.
The slightly guarenteed combo is 66:B 6:BB, 236BBBBBBBB. The only way you can Possibly get out of it is if the timing of the 6:BB is wrong, or you aerial control 9 or 3. I'm still testing the aerial control, if you can get out of it with 1, 7, 8, or 2 i'll stop using it.
amy 66:B 236BBBBBBB isn't a guaranteed combo; the best guaranteed damage you could get from it comes from doing 66:B 66:BA or 66:B 66B+K 236KK. it's also just about amazing how many times you ate yoshi's MED B, haha. when yoshi sits down, either walk backwards or 66A+B him. don't let him get a free gimmicky online mix-up on you.
yeah that'd be good

yeah i was just talking in general :)

i catch some people out but you've got a good sidestep
I heard what you said about me lol.
Me and you need to record some matches.


Jul 28, 2011 at 10:09 AM
Posted by Yue_Zhongtiqin
Driftmaniac765 From 8wayrun.com, These aren't serious matches just me and friends messing around. Amy vs Yoshi! Soul Calibur 4 (IV) 2011
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