Not always practical in a real match from a standing position. It's also easier to do iGDR from a standing position while doing a 2 step and only have to press 14B fast for the input.
Oooh, it was kinda like this in IV, where you buffer from the 2 position :D
At last, an easy method for teabag > iGDR combos.
yeah, in fact im im practice mode right now XD, and is easier for me do the relauch with the first method of holding 2 then 14B
Nice. Does this allow for easier midair iGDR x2 reLNC combos?


Dec 30, 2012 at 1:00 PM
Posted by ka_kui
i don't know if was posted or not, but i was testing some ways to do iGDR, and i think i got some way to get it easier in combos, the thing is, when you hit a launcher like 3B you inmediatly hold down(2), and when you want to do iGDR do the missing part (14 B), like this:

-3B > 8B+K~2 > 14B

I think is easier to land an iGDR this way, because in the 14 part, is easier to hit B and 4 at the same time.....test it guys, and tell me what you think.

testing I found that you can do 214 in a "paused" way like 2 > 1 > 4B, i will post a video ;)

-00:00....hold 2 version
-00:14.....2 > 1 > 4B version
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