eLive.pro|Kayane (Leixia) VS Viola on Soul Calibur V DEMO [part2]

Gamegirl, she does. Her CE turns her orb into a big ball of energy, that's stationary, and causes multiple hits. Whereever the orb is on the screen is wherre it happens.
Does Viola have a Critical edge, because I dont think I've seen it before.
That orb makes my eyes hurt, probably a good thing for Viola players. And as I said in the other video thread, the damage output on these pixies is substantially less than the other characters.
As weak hitting as she is, Viola has probably the most impressive rushdown of all characters besides maybe Maxi and Voldo


Nov 30, 2011 at 5:15 PM
Posted by Enkindu
Here are some matches of me playing Leixia against the CPU as Viola (very difficult mode).
The Soul Calibur V AI is EXCELLENT.

In this video, you can see a bit of the the potential of Viola by watching the computer playing her. The AI is very smart and rarely does random moves, so it's fun to play with it !

I had the chance to play this demo version at Namco Bandai Italy, I thank them a lot for allowing me to play the game !

I'm uploading more videos, because I could record a lot of them!

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