Epic Battle - MaikoSC ( Ivy, Nightmare ) vs RndmCE Rome ( Hilde )

Thx man, but actually i've played Hilde really bad these days. Now i think i've could improved my Hilde and play her much more unpredictable and i use her movement better :)
These were fun to watch, the dramatic music complimented the suspense very well :) good Hilde and Ivy.
I did and i really enjoyed watching it. Wolfkrone lives in its people's hearts
So it seems you `ve watched the full video, right? If so, thank you very much for your patience, haha :D I hope you had fun while watching the video! BTW that video is pure entertainment and does'nt shows the real score. I think it was like 20:8 for Maiko :D


Jun 9, 2014 at 4:46 AM
Posted by Rome

I do not own any of the music-content in this video. Its 100% non-profit and just for simple entertainment.

Hello everyone! It took a while but finally my new SCV video is finished. Some great fights vs my mate MaikoSC! I hope you all will like and watch it untill the end :))
The vid was a lot of work, so pls leave a rating and comment :)
Maybe at next there comes a new Killer Instinct video. Stay tuned, guys!
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