FahrosTTTT slaps The Arch Deity's scrub Siegfried :/

I'm aware Joel, I simply goofed there. The tip is appreciated though!
I'm sorry Fahros, you're right... I never should have done this, I didn't mean to make you lie or hurt your feelings. Except my apology? :(
Can you have some sort of decent play next time round. You know like if you block Mitsus MST K, B, don't get up and block the 2nd hit :-(
Whoever gets one win is the master of the doughnuts. We know how this will shake out already.
Arch Diety this video would have been better with captions. Can't wait to see the response video and what happens after.
Wow, me posting just a SCREENSHOT of beating you, and some text about trolling you to death with 4B's, made you preemptively post another video? I haven't even gotten to work on the vid yet! Lol, I hope you're saving the best for last.

Had no idea that was you, in this video by the way. I can admit to a loss. I'm used to it in fact, because I hardly play this game, and the people who still no-life it are far better than me. I honestly mean what I said in that I remember doing nothing but spanking you outside of recording / live comm'ing though. :/

But um...I guess you showed me! ;)
I wish ppl would do this kinda thing more, provided they showed up to some major and had a mm grudgesession. Nothing beat that time some online/forum warrior during the sc4 era finally showed his face in a major. Those events where hype and fun.
How Many Times Did It Take For You To Finally Win?
The next episode to this series is: Audience laughs more at Fahros and the Arch Deity. Uncut version coming next time anyone sees another silly grudge match vid like this. Believe you will NOT be surprised when this happens again.
we know both these niggas not gonna show up. Let them beef it on the interwebz
Well, I don't have any dislike for Fahros, but this is one way to handle things/shittalk when people won't just settle things with an FT5 or something.
What is it with these average players getting so angry and wanting to expose each other? It's online... you both fail
Well... I think we have a war on our hands. Everyone, grab some popcorn.
Oh, I'm getting started. *reclines back*
Oh, this proves so much. So so much. Totally. I agree with this video 100%^0.
It's funny how these online only players beef instead of showing up to tournaments like my scrub ass.


Jul 3, 2013 at 6:28 PM
Posted by Deitous
Darn! Fahros really put the hammer down

I guess it's like Fahros said... "What's funny is this is what has happened literally every time I've played his free Maxi or Siegfried, when I haven't been recording or there hasn't been lag like in this trash vid, lol... http://oi44.tinypic.com/21pm6u.jpg"
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