Fall! Star of Chaos (a Viola Combo "Drop" Video)

God... Because I use a pad, sometimes I get 663B instead of 66B, but this only ever happens in combos!!! >.> I abuse 66B so much outside of combos it's practically my main attack if such a thing exists, it NEVER screws up in that situation, only in combos... Oh, also, 44A BE [6]3B+K... holding 6 to run up... finger apparently slips... get that annoying side-step retrieval :/
Yesterday in fact I did a simple 3B AAB 2A+B after a CE... the 2A+B was blocked... How did I screw that up!? >.>
Yeah... Something goofy always happens...

Sandman, that happens when the orb connects with a wall/edge after 6A+B... Not sure why and it doesn't always happen, but that's the cause.
I've had this happen a bunch of times - I'll do 3B ~ yatta yatta yatta ~ 2B+K BE and it seems to work except the orb comes flying back mid (but it's not quite B+K BE, the orb doesn't come flying back for that...). Anyone else have this happen?
1:40 - Dear god, yes. Online turns so many of her inputs into B+K (not 6B+K etc.)


Mar 20, 2013 at 3:02 AM
Posted by pootytang9
This is how NOT to play viola.....
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