FinalLifeG (Zwei) Vs. NAMU-GETREADY (Cervantes)

lmfao you're so gullible xD I was kidding home dawg, I don't care what you do man. But really? you feel my pain too? D: that means we're brothers! we're like van helsing and dracula lmfao xD by the way, this is Zane. Remember that shet. I am Zane_v101 the #1 Zwei in the universe and your daddy. So if you wanna PM me send dem hatemails to my account... uhh... the Zane account :]
Lol I feel your pain,Bro. And ok, wish granted.
Lol I feel your pain,Bro. And ok, wish granted.
which account? I have like 12 of them, still in use I might add. Not that serious? you're right, I actually get some fun out of this when I ask the people that lost on the video about it and their reply is "WTF?" perfect example was Shinji. But anyway, it all comes down to KEEP ME OUT OF IT. I saw the first time you posted mine and I let it slide, but once it becomes a habit... noe noe.
Lol, funny, I thought we was cool. U should hop on your other account and tell me whats really up. And plus, comeon now, its not all that serious man.
As scrubby as this may be, you really need to stop posting bias-ed bullshit like this one. I'm not saying it did happen, but I'm pretty sure corrondo got some wins on you. Posting videos of you winning ONLY is like saying "oh check out this scrub, I kicked his ass. He's garbage. Everyone laugh at him" while the other dude probably beats 7 shits out of you on a regular basis. It'd be like me posting videos of when I beat xeph ONLY when in reality the overall score is 100-2 in his favor. Nonetheless, you DID get a win... AND on video. But stop being a dick


Nov 27, 2012 at 5:16 PM
Posted by FinalLifeG
typical untypical individual...
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