FinalLifeG (Zwei) Vs. SaneOne96 (Ivy)

your Zwei is awesome, dude! Do you plan on heading out to any events in the future?
I forgot, that was months ago. I think he was ahead of me by 2 extra wins
Hey FLG, what was the score on you and Zane's FT10? Lol at that vid
Ahhhh, invite me now, I'ma just gon and get you out the way today while I still have time. If you have psn, invite me, if your on xbl then I can't make it cause I have no xbox
that shit old dude.....and he got bodied too but wont admit fight me then and record....i bet you decline......comment on top for hate mail
Lmfao at the youtube video.
Just like how you got body'd in Ekindu's video? #L0L
Just like u got body'd in Ekindu's compilation of you? Lol
Upon seeing Sane in the title, I figured this would be a match you actually lost o.o clutch at the end


Feb 16, 2013 at 4:15 PM
Posted by FinalLifeG
Goodgame SaneOne:-)
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