Full Soul [Soulcalibur composed music video] by djlutin

Guitar wanking lol. I'm french, and the expression sounds great mouhahah. Thanx for your comments. Actually for the part you mention, it's not "free guitar wanking", I wanted to include sort of brutal and dark piece, to illustrate fights or violent scenes. But i didn't find any way to do the video exactly as I wanted!
Anyway you're right, video had some problems...but the global idea is here. It's not my first piece of music, but it's my first Vid...i have to do better next time.
The main theme's not bad at all, but there's really some unnecessary guitar wanking towards 1:40 up to 1:57, and it just feels out of place.

Otherwise, yeah, it's nicely done, but I just with some of his melodies had evolved differently. Especially the first guitar one. It's getting really cool when Maxi attacks Astaroth and Sieggy stabs Soul Edge, but the follow-up seems kind of huh... lame ?
performed, composed, and encoded? Putting all your talents together is paying off there lil buddy


Dec 14, 2011 at 5:51 AM
Posted by Akire
All Music, programming, guitars, composed and performed by Djlutin.
Theme at 1:10 free adapted from Souledge Intro
Bad encoding by Djlutin...sorry.

Music is free...Quote me please haha.
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