Gnouz TV #1 - Interview Hisaharu Tago à la Paris Games Week 2011 (English Version)

Wouldn't that be a Pierreadox or something?
What doesn't make sense is that he says that Dampierre being available to everyone will depend on his popularity in tournaments.. but he will be banned at tournaments because of the fact that he's not available to everyone!
I see Gnouz got some direct feed footage that they're sitting on again. I'm appreciative of what they do for the community but it'd be nice if they didn't hoard their footage. That aside, nice interview and the video and audio were expertly done.
I like how the subtitles went "We *could* make a patch..."
It amused me. Not sure why.
I wonder how OOF wil feel on Tago's take of Le Bello being available to everyone who don't pre-order. :P
Oh boy, Ezio vs. Dampierre will be so entertaining. xD
So Dampierre was put in because he's solely meant to be the trolly guy's Ezio? I like that reasonin' there, Mr. Tago.


Nov 14, 2011 at 5:33 AM
Posted by Akire
The Paris Games Week was the event of the year not to be missed, all the games editors were there.

At this occasion, Namco Bandai has presented Soulcalibur V in preview, and the public could play at the game.

Hisaharu Tago was there, and through this report, the Soulcalibur V producer accepted to answer some of our questions.
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