Hawkeye vs BlueBoy - MW2 Grand Finals

Good stuff. All do respect to Xeph, whether you like him or not he's earned it at tournaments and especially with Thunderdomes but..... I think Blue might be the best in 'murica right nao. Fun matches!

As for what Alex said: drinking is a funny thing when it comes to fighters... truth be told drinking helps me regarding certain aspects of the game and I believe parts of the game get easier with the natural relaxation associated with it. Other parts get ruined by it. It's a convenient "excuse" for that reason IF people are truly using it as that...
"i'm messing this guy up bad in this FT10. Cuz i'm angry now, I had no clue 1,400 dollars on the line. Omg, I'm angry now, I'm going to throw up. I'm ready to play this FT10, I'm heated now. " -LP


Sep 15, 2014 at 5:24 PM
Posted by Bluegod
Hawkeye vs Blueboy Grand Finals of the hype Midland Warfare 2 tournament!
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