Hayate (Zwei) vs Saitoh (Mitsu)

It looks like Rugi's getting some kilik-style pokes? Similar to Kilik's 6b8 and 6b2? I saw rugi do a quick high poke for the perfect at 1:58 and a quick low poke at 2:08 followed by a similar mid poke at 2:10. I'm really digging this, I love the samurai ideal behind Rugi and these quick, small strikes bring another aspect to him that I've not seen from him before, seems like it'll be fun to play around with.
well hayate tried. preety awsome zwei!
Looks like Zwei (Hayate) was hit out of his CEs, and it appeared that interrupting Zwei cancels Ein's attack priority...
Yes he does and it can be charged for different timing
Do Zwei at least have one move where he call EIn, without having to attack with Zwei?


Oct 26, 2011 at 11:40 AM
Posted by SCPartisan
Demi final Paris game week : 22/10/2011
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