Typing in all caps has been proven to make you seem obnoxious or silly to a lot of people. It makes you seem like an attention whore, like someone who would record such a trivial and fruitless argument... Play more calibur guys.
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I know quite a few ways IAB has made an ass of himself but eff it.
I dont understand why this was put on 8wayrun, if two people have an arguement why does it have to be made public like this. Why not just keep it private? People clearly didnt listen to but 10 minutes of this atmost which means that people most likely do not care about it that much. So what is trying to be proven exactly?
What does any of this have to do with soulcalibur
The real point is IAB is a scrub who's always a sore loser after getting bodied offline or online?
lol, so in Summary:
Blue - Grow up... don't hang losses over your friends' heads and post personal stuff on FB
Bunnies - Grow up... Be true to yourself
MKL - Grow up... don't get suckered into double-talking
Zero - Grow up... stop subjecting yourself to this in order to get into people's heads
"Missed the point" meaning I'm 99% positive that all context from both sides must've been lost. There's no other way for this to take so long if it wasn't. I could tell from the first 10 mins you all must've gone in circles for a while without reaching any conclusions.
stupid discussion/argument about a "rule" created in internet, about if you write in CAPS you are yelling??...that's so stupid man......stop being sheeps, and become shepherds
When someone types in all caps, I can only imagine that the person must have Downs Syndrome. You can't get your point across because you have too many chromosomes falling out of your mouth as you ham-finger your keyboard whilst shitting your pants. Now stop typing like you are fully retarded. Nobody respects you for typing exactly like an angry eastern Canadian with massive social anxiety issues. Thank you and go fuck yourself.

-Inori DWF
There wasn't a point to begin with. I said "IAB is terrible if he deletes BBB over that". He says "you got a problem with me MKL be a man and skype with me man to man". Reluctantly I did, I learned nothing and he is positive that he didn't do anything wrong in deleting BBB over SCV and what BBB jokingly tells him or how caps lock can make you look a certain way.

Man to man also means "man to man to youtube" now I guess. I feel sorry for anyone who listens to this trash for longer than 10 minutes and Bunnies has gained absolutely nothing from posting it other than him looking like a tool for it and me looking like a try hard. And with this, I am washing my hands of this obnoxious matter.
wow 2 hours? This only means one thing... Both of them missed the point
Wait... I'm sorry guys please don't delete me!!!
Everybody who commented on this video is a scrub
"Zane had that really stupid color in chat" "why write in caps to piss people off?" only a fag lord who has nothing to complain about would bring such off topic faggotry
8 minutes in and this is the stupidest argument I've ever heard...


Feb 11, 2014 at 8:01 PM
Posted by Party Wolf
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