Ivy 3[A] Whiff Punish Glitch

You mean 6(a), dont use this move as much. It can be ducked vs good players. But I do use it in frame traps
Not at all bro - Ivy is one of my mains!! - its not game over, as it doesn't work against her 6A or other mid-long range horiz so its cool
What did you use? That's just what it looked like to me
66 5G you say?? not what I used but i'll test it....
Not as bad as when you follow up with bK and the stun just randomly doesn't work, meaning they can get up and punish you while Ivy just aimlessly rubs her heel on the ground...


Mar 6, 2013 at 1:24 PM
Posted by CaspianVII
Glitch found that makes Ivy's 3[A] whiff - I have begun extensive testing and found 2 other Horizontals so far that it makes whiff!!
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