Eh, for some reason, Marginal stuck his nose in my business, whether it be by blind loyalty, or lack of respect for me. This is a product of that. Nothing more, I don't find pleasure in exposing mediocre players. Only if they are from the FGC, calibur community especially, and after they've attack me first. I don't go around picking fights on facebook or 8wr. People fight with me because I teach them a lesson.
This reminds me of the rage quit video when Marginal was MarredJin
Jimbo, yeah, this will surely bite me in the ass at CEO if he accepts. I am trying to scare him so he doesn't accept and prove me wrong. Why do you always have to ruin my fun? /sarcasm
New account? Never seen Neo-marg before xD
"Exposing" players? This is some catgirl level shit.
le trolled! good one! surely this wont bite you in the ass at CEO!
@vile_death_wave why that would make him a #potmonster #StayHomeAndPractice
What's the point of registering for something you are going to lose (Horribly) in @Marginal ?


Jun 19, 2014 at 8:50 AM
Posted by Enkindu
I would say he is salty about something (read his messages to me at the end). He is registered for CEO. I challenged him personally to a FT5 there. I am waiting to hear if he accepts. He isn't going to accept. He should quit calibur for getting hit by Voldo's landfish A+B unblockable.
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