Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
Tech then JG.
It is the same principle that a tech jg tech trap much more precise.
But unlike the tech jg it's possible you red jg a low in mid jg and mid in low jg.
It's like you want to you can any red jg in mid also.

You can not tech jg revenge what you want requires a few conditions:
1) We need the last shot you take will kill you.
2) it must be combo
3) you have to be extended that ground.
4) I need you can start a tech , and is marked ukemi.

Impossible to do in training mode because you can't die!
How do you do this in the first place?
Swag points for the mirror move clashing intro.

What's the music?


Aug 9, 2016 at 8:45 AM
Posted by GolD ShaD
Red JG soulcalibur 5
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