Kaze No Yaiba 3 (A Natsu Combo Video/Montage)

Yea it took me about 3 days of recording and about 2 days of editing, but it came together pretty nice. I messed up some notations on accident and I was calculating the Healther % by 220 instead of 240 lol. I'll fix it on next videos if I make a strictly combo video only.

I think people benefit most from the combo section seeing as somethings that have not been introduced into natsu's arsenal is there (like 66 bA+B+K linking to CH WR K and 3B can be executed after CH WR K)
Guaranteed ;) LOL I had to.... Nice concept for a video though... Had to take some time to make... Props
Yep, it's in my blood to do so, they just fun as hell to make. I might make a strictly combo video only vid if i'm feeling up for it, but that won't probably be for another two months. I will make a natsu tutorial vid like I did with Taki, but that won' be until sometime in 2013 when the game has been tapped into for awhile.
Nice display. Glad u continue to make vids with our favorite ninja. (Her Style atleast )
how do you edit your videos? like adding music and all that jazz?


Mar 15, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Posted by Tha_Shogun
A combo/montage video starting Tha Shogun

Music: Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

Also read this before posting. This video is to show my highlights from matches, not my opponents flaws. So please don't try and judge my opponents skill from the video please, we all make mistakes and get mind screwed, I'm just there to collect when it happens :).

Enjoy the video.

For the combo enthusiast the combo section (not combos/strings that came from reads) starts at 3:17. It then goes into punishes from actual fights. Once again enjoy.
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