Kiss Of Death (A Viola Combo Video)

I always miss the 66A :/ Off to lab again XD Cool video though :)
Any one of a vid of someone getting this off in a real match.
ill probably redo this combo video, with the added suggestions.. TBH im not to happy with the quality i can definitely increase it with proper render settings, also the extra ground damage would probably make all the combos finish 240+
Oh Ididn't know tod stood for touch of death I always thought it ment tokido for some reason nice combo vid though
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These Viola combo vids really should leave the meter at 100% instead of infinity; it shows you not only how much meter the combos cost but also how much you will gain (thus about how much you will need to start it).
Also known as the Kinetic Clash combos =P. And it helps if you wait for ground damage after the first B+K BE...


Jul 12, 2012 at 7:45 PM
Posted by pootytang9
This is a mash of a different Variations of Violas Touch of Death Combo.....

All combos demonstrated in the Video are 100% inescapable....(yes even the grab one)

Btw the song, if anyone is curious , is Violas Quick Battle theme...called ....Dance of the Oracle
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