LostProvidence vs. Partisan 10/5/2013 (PSN)

whaaaa nigga?
@Ishimaru Jinrai
shut up...
That wall combo was missing a few hits... You could've probably KOed with that!
Great match though...
DAT FINAL ROUND! HOLY SHIT! O_O Very entertaining match guys!
Partisan makes what probably is his best comeback!
Great fight! I like Partisans Omega so much, reminds me a lot of my Brothers Omega playstile. ^^
Wow.... O_o, insane! Would have been a lot better if you could have recorded in anything above crappy 360p though, like 720p or 1080 HD
That wall combo was insane man. Great match! It was so close!


Oct 6, 2013 at 1:11 AM
Posted by LP
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