LP's Online Adventures! Episode 5!

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Yeah, it was fixed from whatever I did that night.
You click on the video then go to enhancements, it should be in the upper left side of the video. The option should be on the right where is says stabilize or antishake. You might also just be able to click on revert to original but try and take off the antishake first.
This is how about 80% of my matches go anyway.
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I just messed with it on Youtube, but, just to be sure, how do you fix it, Jeuce?
you can go on youtube and take of the antishake feature on the video. Shit made me throw up.
The next video should show the opposite for example someone playing as Aeon doing 66A every time someone backsteps/sidesteps, to show how someone may be backstepping/sidestepping too much without reading their opponent, and they basically keep doing the same thing and getting caught. True story. Aeon's 66A is one of the best step killers.
Nope all that video shows is that most people have no idea about spacing and are free to backsteps.
The guy was fortunate that LP was only playing sieg because with some other chars, a successful backstep means much more pain.
All this video shows is that spamming 3BB with Siegfried is cheap and hard to avoid if you're impatient.
This is why Sieg is God Tier obviously. Everyone knew that already. Nerf him hard Project Soul.
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I'm not saying I disagree with your points or some of the stuff you think, but, yeah. You don't look at a cake and say, "I'm gonna fuck this cake." In other words, everything serves its own purpose.
Maybe i just think its a bit exaggerated lol there are alot of people online who think they are good but they really are not. I was just thinking there should be a better example to show the difference between being a real pro, in a sense by playing against someone with the attitude of being the best, and beating them after they have like 20-0 or something seeing how far they are from being that good.

In a sense a guy beating a bunch of randoms a guy comes in for example a high level tournament player, who wins or at least gets far beating this player.
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Divined - I think the points totally went over your head.
I get what the video is meant to show but there is nothing wrong with playing online. It's more about the people who are playing it than the game itself, i can win against people who just casually play this game all day, doesn't mean i will.

As for anyone who is closest to mastering this game i would recommend Ring the best player i have played against imo.
Fuck the youtube antishake feature. It literally does the opposite of what its supposed to.
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That must be the Youtube antishake stuff, lol. This was copied from my ps3 using sc5's upload function.
That is no shakey cam... That is hype professional editing effectz
V This. Damn, LP. How come you can be great at SC but you are incapable of holding a camera without shaking like a grandpa on speed lol


Oct 17, 2012 at 3:03 AM
Posted by LP
There are two reasons for this video!

1. I haven't uploaded anything in a while.

2. Lots of online-only players at 8wayrun.com are talking as if, because they beat lots of other online players easily, they're really good and have 'mastered' the game. This is to show that anyone, with minimal effort, can easily do well against any random person online.

I guess there's a 3rd reason too...

3. To stroke my e-peen by showing off that wicked whiff punish at the end! Ohhhhhh yeaaaaah!!!!

I wonder if anyone reads the tags for these...
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