Madison SCVI Tourney #1 jimmypikachuchoi(X) vs. Koichi (Astaroth) WF

thanks, i feel like you take away asta 22B, and once you are comfortable with your opp rhythm, you should be able to fish out autoGI's vs those 22B for the lethal hits. Koichi is a friend of mine and we've been playing SC together for at least 16 yrs, so maybe it's a little unfair that I had some legacy knowledge vs. him.
this man done' took Astaroth to the lab and got the auto GI game on point


Nov 18, 2018 at 11:02 PM
Posted by jimmypikachuchoi
Who will win the 1st SC6 Tourney? In this WF, it's a match between jimmypikachuchoi who won the 1st Madison SCV Tourney(2012) vs. Koichi who won 1st Madison SCII Tourney(2002).
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