How I felt when I lost a round to KC for him ducking a round ending throw and taking 3/4 health with a 4A+B punish.
I wish someone can go back in time and erase her buffs lol.
Say "No!" to Viola in Lost Swords.
Viola dont ever get rid of her team soul :)
And it double posts... great.
They did the combo wrong...
That's the 3 BE ToD combo, except they went into 6A+B after a B+K BE instead of SET 6B+K.

You should definitely avoid being hit by 6B+K 3K... Also, 3A, 2B, max-range 6B, and... *sigh* FC 2K...

...FC 2K needs fixing. :/
Video editing 10/10. That face is so good.


Aug 1, 2013 at 11:28 PM
Posted by iMesmerise
This is just supposed to be a comedic short film about Viola I made for a friend. Thanks :)
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