PSN Oct. - Xeph vs Hussler (Winner's Finals)

U inspire me to continue to play Hilde. Thk u for that.
Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Glad to see myself improve as well ^.^ !

Personally, I find that this is a pretty difficult match-up for Hilde: Hilde's strength lies in her ability to contain the opponent with extremely safe step killers and 22B, the ultimate poke killer.; in a face-to-face poking battle, Hilde can function quite effectively and force the opponent to stand, block, and eat mix-ups.
The problem with Omega, however, is that she can out-poke and out-damage Hilde at close range. If Hilde tries to create space, a DNS B can get her back in Hilde's face and punish anything she does wrong. Also, if Hilde just plays the defensive, Omega will be able to break her guard almost twice a game.

It's definitely an uphill battle for Hilde.
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My tip? Learn the looooooop
edit: Also, Feelmylance; Oprah's low game is kind of ehhhh. 11A and 2K are viable, but I'd rather much work on gauge pressure in most situations, like you've noticed. I also replace my low use with grabs. I have to make them want to duck somehow. Grabs/4B is viable mix up.

Oh, and Hussler, you have improved an enormous amount since e first played. Stay up.
I picked Omega Pyrrha because for the whole online tournament, I decided that's who I wanted to use. On a personal note, I shut down any character with (regular) Pyrrha more so than Omega... which makes sense, since she's my main.

As for the match up of Hilde VS Omega Pyrrha- it's about the same as regular pyrrha. Approaching the match up, at least.

GGs, though. See you in Grand Finals.

Also, Optymuss- You've yet to JG one 4B, lol. It's not as simple as typing it. DNS B is a problem for anyone. It's not a spacing tool utilize force blocks, it's a punisher. Using Hilde's WR B can be risky, especially if the Omega Pyrrha is looking for whiffs and/or HIGHS to land her DNS B:4.
i would try JGing omega's 4B to cut down the pressure at close range, he was abusing that on you. 236236B isnt a problem for hilde because it gives you spacing and she relies on that. I would use iWS B, it's high, but force your oppoenent to guess between WS K(tip) and 66K.
He probably went pyrrha o because he is good at shutting down Hilde with her. I played xeph and was impressed with how he countered my 3rd level charges with auto gi. Thankfully you didn't use them raw like I tend to do.

One thing I noticed between my matches against him and these is that Xeph barely uses low moves with PyrO (which is good on him). He rather uses heavy guard-crushing moves like Dark Nova for mixup. Very good player.

You are right to use defensive style against PyrO.


Oct 21, 2012 at 3:45 AM
Posted by Hussler

Winner's Finals
Xeph (Pyrrha Omega) vs Hussler (Hilde)
Not sure why Xeph went Pyrrha Omega...

Studying the replay, my aggressiveness was my weakness:
I kept whiffing, and Xeph kept punishing me heavily for it.
The defensive style I adjusted to in round 3 definitely worked, so I'll keep that in mind for future games. Gotta learn something new to level up everyday :)

If you have any tips let me know, thanks.
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