[SC5] Soul Failure : The Legend of Diazepam [Day 1]

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May 1, 2012 at 7:54 AM
Posted by orcitect
*** Warning : Day 1 Nightmare ***

Hey all! Thought I'd try something different and try out a 3D fighter! Used to play Soul Calibur 2 a long time ago (As Nightmare) and it seemed like a good change from all the 2D fighters! These are 8 of my first 11 games (Didn't realise that the battle log only saves the 8 most recent.) So as you can see, not off to a good start! Terribad play on my part, gotta learn the game; Getting random unblockable attempts on wakeup from my mashing to get up. Might change characters to see who plays best for me (Ezio seems cool, Nightmare seems very slow but I'm probably just doing unsafe stuff.) but it's an enjoyable game! Looking forward to trying the Soul of Devil Jin fighting style too!

Comments & Criticisms most welcome!

Nb. Diazepam is a medicine to treat Nightmares/Night Terrors

Match Times:
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs Akash_cl (Natsu) @ 00:09
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs herman_59 (Kagura - Soul of Mitsurgi) @ 02:50
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs luckysol1989 ('Fried Reindeer) @ 04:24
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs Sophitia_UK (Pyrrha) @ 06:02
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs dark_james (Ivy) @ 08:02
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs mesamun (Lola - Soul of Natsu) @ 09:46
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs HurricaneNelson (Raphael) @ 11:28
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs Chryzix (Khar - Soul of Kiba) @ 13:58


Video Stats;

Game : Soul Calibur 5
Character : Nightmare
PSN : Goukitech
Date of Replays: 28th April 2012
Captured with an EasyCap via InterVideo WinDVR 3
* Audio captured with Audacity via front mic, Using a 2 RCA to 3.5mm adapator
* Combined, Edited, Cropped and de-interlace fixed within Sony Vegas (Used Vegas settings from a suggestion on another youtube vid, Settings are here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=NHATA78X)
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