SCR 2011 Soul Calibur V Exhibition - Cerv vs Hilde

Aw man, the Guile theme was very fittin' around 2:27! What a comeback!
@ 0:24 - This is what I orginally thought 2A+B was if you want to compare to 5:09...
Cervantes (moves I see and breakdown):
AA - Still quick, however looks the same speed.
aB - Still looks unsafe, not sure on damage, looks unchanged.
6A - Unchanged, not even the speed looks touched and might be a more negative move on G.
2A - Generic, might be faster, nothing changed.
JUMP A - Faster, same attack, might not have them go into BT on hit.
BT 2A - Nothing new, same speed in a faster enviroment.
BB - Might have a BE version, looks faster and possibly safer.
BBB - Probably safer now, hopefully...
bA - Definately faster, may have taken out the GI window at the end, probably still stuns.
B2 - Seems untouched, could be faster but it was always a fast move anyway, maybe a BE?
6BB - Same, might be NC, only they might know.
3B - Looks faster, probably safe.
1B - Looks unchanged, still steps, might be faster.
4BK - Doesnt leave Cervy BT'd, might be NC, looks faster.
K - Standard high kick, nothing to see here.
4KK - Perhaps the hidden BT B+K followup is a BE (or wasnt input at the time).
421K - Maybe the command has changed, KND on hit now, looks faster.
6A+B - Didnt see a followup, indication of BE version?
2A+B - Seems slower now but has a more powerful look to it.
4A+B - Still a GB, faster + still backsteps + minor teleport, might leave Cervy BT on Grd.
8A+B - Might be safer, probably nothing changed.
B+K - May have been swapped with SC4 A+K, Cervy seems like a heavy utility character.
2B+K - Might be different, animation is different, still looks unsafe and possibly slower?
BT B+K - Now stuns on CH at least, might stun on NH too.
66A - Looks safer, can't tell due to games overall speed boost.
33A - Might be faster still GI's (Highs I hope), maybe still the same on Grd.
22A - May have been changed to have 22 and 88 be the same attack, looks the same.
11AA - Maybe a NC now, doesnt launch on hit anymore.
66B - Same, looks minorly unsafe. AT will RO with opponent's back to edge.
11B - Seems a tiny bit faster, mostly unchanged.
44B - Seems faster, might be less safe, I'm not sure.
44K - Same, might be faster and/or less safe.
A+G - Still rings out with opponent's back to edge, RO looks far from edge.
(Left) Throw - Same, nothing new (maybe damage).
(Right) Throw - Same, nothing new (maybe damage).
(Back) Throw - Same, nothing new (maybe damage).
DC A - Now a Guard Break with good advantage on block, still a high.
DC B - Looks safer, less damage, harder to combo from, still bounces off walls (hold down).
iGDR - Now officially a Guard Break, probably not + on Grd, was not the BE version.
BE iGDR - Turns into a Guard Break attack, gives advantage on Grd (BT B+K uninterruptable).
New Attacks:
0:58 - Similar to the second part of 6B{B} (from SC4), seems safe but still negative.
2:04 (WR AB) - Combination of A+B and 2B+K (from SC4), looks unsafe but a strong punisher.
2:51 (2B) - Finally! A generic 2B attack!
2:52 (WR B) - Quick fast while rising attack, nothing fancy.
3:26 (Gunshot 6A+K) - A+K has been taken out, might be a BE, has a cutscene. Fast? Slow?
3:42 (B+K) - This looks like his Vertical parry, input must be changed now.
4:22 (44a{B}) - Looks like an unblockable version of 44aB (from SC4).
5:09 (2A+BA) - This looks more like his original 2A+B, quicker with more combo fishing power.
6:00 (6A+K~CE) - Deffinately the same move from 3:26, seems fast, bad dmg, CE confirmed!
Best looking Cervantes (aesthetically) in a long, long time. Otherwise, same old Cervy. =)


Dec 18, 2011 at 3:31 AM
Posted by TagYouRPregnant
Casual Exhibition of SCV at SCR.
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