SCV: AI Abuse in Legendary Souls

This first page of comments looks terrible. Why not say something nice like the other guys? :/
Oh, I hope you're not being serious Inmortal...
Lolololol ... The CPU fails yet again :D
This actually works against me too.
And exactly this is why i always say the AI is not a good trainings tool. It may work for some chars but for others it just does the most stupid shit and falls for stuff that would never work against real opponents.
LOL this is a massacre.


Nov 22, 2012 at 7:22 PM
Posted by garjian
Cleared in 5 minutes and 4 seconds, sadly beating my old time with Viola. Also, my capture card sucks, as you may be able to see. It also has a very slight delay, so I couldn't react to certain obvious highs and lows. So this could've been even quicker in fact... even more so if i were allowed ring outs.

This video was made to prove my side of a little debate. The rules were no ring outs and to complete it without losing a round.
Specifically, the point is that 6B+K almost always hits. You cannot play Viola normally without 6B+K, ergo, you cannot play Viola normally without exploiting the AI.
Yeah, CPUs really understand Viola, don't they? I'll let you decide, DEX. ^^
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