SCV - Fake Gamer Girl Gets OWNED For Banning Me (Humilation Compilation)

I can't believe @Alex.J make this video. Or sang that song, or designed YouTube to cause these problems to everyone.
I cringed when I saw two CEs used in the same match on disadvantage. I also cringed on the over use of internet memes. Good job on making me cringe!


Jan 5, 2015 at 10:39 AM
Posted by HydroJames
Sorry about the audio Brochachos. I know It's a bit off sync with the gameplay but I hope you still enjoy the video.

I know this gamer is a guy because he gave it away by texting things that only a straight up dude would say. Nothing feminine about this fool trust me lol. I'd say the majority of girls wouldn't get over the top hostile and highly competitive over a video game.

Unfortunately, I wasn't recording at the time when he was talking smack to me and the other players in the lobby. :(

Give a big thumbs up for this video and for the fake girl who claimed to be "one of the best Maxi players" in the game. No joke! XD
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