SCV Neo_Remirez vs UltimateTalim

This player that I was up agains't was REALLY good at just guard, this was not the first match agains't him, and in poker terms he had me on tilt, the ONLY reason I won was because he was toying with me... plus I am a maxi/mitsu/ivy/cerv player, I play nightmare for fun.
Okay, so the numbers are in. Without clean hit or the free 1K, it does 221. With the 1K, it does 228. With clean hit and no 1k, it does 277. With 1k, it does 284. Awesome.
I accidentally read the "clean hit" from the Natsu player's side :p
Actually, there was no clean hit. The damage was from air hit, backturned hit, AND counter hit. Needless to say, that shit was insane. It would've been an instant KO if there had been a clean hit, not to mention the free BT 2k you get. Jesus, to training mode I go! I have to know the exact numbers.
I know that CE does crazy damage after two full seconds, but that plus clean hit just made that health disappear! :o
... Well that was interesting.

Hi Engared.
The Natsu was getting away with scrubby stuff. Sad to say. You were playing too defensive and not in the right way. You got 2 full damage CEs off which is good but you can't rely on them to win many games. I actually liked what you were doing in the first round with the B+K spacing but after KD, you were not pressuring your opponent correctly through most of the fight. You didn't attempt enough throws as well i feel.


Oct 7, 2012 at 5:05 PM
Posted by Neo_Remirez
This fight is uploaded to show that Nightmares CE can seriously change a fight even agains't good players. I am the Nightmare, and let me say it, Natsu is annoying.
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