SCV Ragequit - GuyInABlazer exposed

FITE ME IRL Phteven!!!!
lol should post it up Ray.
I've saved a match of me beating the hell out of this guy. Guy is a total scrub.
lol Darkon: my mission: Expose frauds and ragequitters one by one; thus making PSN a much safer place online. "I'm not the hero PSN deserves, but the one it needs" XD

@CjHN2 and @Time_Limits well this is why I recorded it, to expose him. No doubt just about everyone knows he's a scrub and a ragequitter, hell as you said, you can tell by numerous wins and 0 losses, but its one of those things where no one has any video evidence of it. Now everyone can see him for the fraud that he Rome Kappa
I remember beaten him onces, he have like shitload of wins and 1 lost then 1 day later, he have 0 loses like wtf? And I'm not even that good too lmfao. I also made him ragequit to one time
That guys had a shitload of victories but no losses the last time i fought him. He RQ versus me once. I quit fighting against that guy due to the fact that he was cheating the game.
I've beaten this guy numerous times before, I'm not sure if this scrub is really worth it, there are plenty of RQs in SCV PSN.
lol Rockto you're definitely right, considering his 100% W/L ratio and the amount of times hes been doing it...all the way up to A-rank...which takes some patience XD...He's become very adept at the art of rqing XD
That right there takes practice. He has done this before, no doubt.
You have to admire his ability to leave at the very instant its considered a KO


Feb 28, 2015 at 8:20 PM
Posted by ZER0
smile! you're on YT buddy. now everyone can you for the fraud that you are. Just like Rome Kappa
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