SD Calibur IV - Super Deformed Soul Calibur

I loved it. Everything about it was cute and silly.


Feb 1, 2012 at 6:01 AM
Posted by skytoast
SD Calibur IV - Super Deformed Calibur IV
Above the Tower of Lost Souls, two very small but powerful warriors face off against might and wit in the ultimate showdown between good and evil. The wielder of the sword Soul Calibur, mini Siegfried and the scourge pudgy Nightmare with the demon blade Soul Edge battle for ultimate victory in the name of all characters small and very small.
Director's Note:
This was the result of several experiments using a cell shading technique and various filters. I've always wanted to try making a video with an animated cartoon effect and played with the idea to make one in Soul Calibur. The first few attempts weren't promising as it look all too much like a video filter. But after a few more tests with several color passes and edge enhancements, I was able to tweak the right effect making it convincing enough to pass as a cartoon or animated feature. Having been able to get hold of a character editor, I was also able to exaggerate the proportions, further enhancing a comic effect.
The final result... Soul Calibur with chibi anime versions of all your favorite characters.
Soul Calibur V was just released (Feb 2012). This video is one nice last hurrah showcasing all the great lovable characters from Soul Calibur IV. This video is service to all SC fans, thanks for keeping the dream... err Nightmare alive!
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