So do we ban NM or buff apat 2A?

I really hope no one seriously believes this is ban-worthy.
Yeah i mean Nightmare doesn't need to be banned i believe he is a more balanced character compared to chars like Astaroth.
Yeah but risk reward is always inherently negative towards the agressor when poking at first. Like any poke it can be baited and dealt with accordingly not to mention the positional advantage you lose on block so it seems like an absolutely justified move.
Neither nightmare isn't all that safe even with that trick and there is a risk/reward factor with his moves.
Yeah he wasnt terrible without this but im not complaining lol. This just adds to his lethal spacing and zoning abilities :D
Hmm... Im not sure he necessarilly needed it but this is an excellent addition to his midrange game. I like it actually, NM by design should be a total mid-long range powerhouse and this helps that gameplan tremendously.
Because this is making Nightmare OP now, right? Lol. He really needed something like this, TBH, so I'm glad this was found.
Not like any other character has ever had a safe launcher
My info may be wrong tho. See for yourself here
Well partisan tested it with aPat's CE and blocked it successfully. He did mention tho that he wasnt sure if it was -9 or -8, since it was hard to tell if the CE was inputed by frame 1 because of the block stun.
Really? What is it on block?
Its safe to aPat CE, also ban NM... Too stronk
We just input CE/throw with Alpha.

Safe 33B is a really nice thing for NM though! Excuse me while I go practice this.


Jun 29, 2013 at 3:17 AM
Posted by IAdoreBunnies
Someone linked this in the stream chat.
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