Soul Calibur 5 Fail Compilation

Funny because they are all using CaS, that explains everything.
0:34 possibly one of the best RO's I've seen lol
Loved how Natsu A+B killed that Mitsurugi's CE :D
It's terrible in regards to using it as a normal attack. I find it decent after a Soul Crush. After it, a GDR (if the opponent is in the air) can follow and you could do an iGDR afterwards (or a simple 3B). Just make sure you don't do it near an edge; the jump could potentially ring you out
its a shame that Cerv's 8A+B looks so cool. noobs love using it but it's a terrible move that will 99% equal free punishment or foolish self ROs. *sigh*
Brilliant ^^ self ROs are the worst, but oh so much fun anyway. I particularly like the Algol 3 orb hit air thingy xD
As for video editing: WMM is very basic, simple and not a lot of options. Good for stuff like these I'd say. If you're upgrading softwares however I don't think there's a free video editing program. otherthan WMM. I use Adobe Premiere PRO cs6, requires a bit more "pc" than WMM do, if you know what I mean.
"Oh well, that's a shame..." :D
Why can't all characters have post match taunts, and not just Xiba?

Video advice: It's probably better to not have an intro than to use one of those nasty default things.
Try to find a quiet moment to introduce your video, like a match's intro sequence... perhaps that one with Natsu vs. Cervantes that was right at the start of round one.
Just a suggestion... won't work for everything... but definitely find a better intro, and remember to keep it short!

I'm pretty sure WMM is fine for just putting clips together (I haven't used it, but it seems fine here), but if you really want more, I can only recommend Sony Vegas... but that "isn't free".
This cerv was suicidal... Dem 8 A+B's


Dec 4, 2013 at 4:34 AM
Posted by HydroJames
I plan on releasing higher-quality videos in the future. I seek to obtain an HDMI capture card to release video better than 360p. The videos will look and sound better than what I had previously uploaded and will be more than just my SCV bouts. This is the first video where I used an editor, Windows 7 Windows Live Movie Maker, and also my longest video yet.

If you can find better video editing programs, let me know.

Here is a collection of hilarious fails and I hope you enjoy. ^_^
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