Soul Calibur 5 Lego (Short Version)

Single tear.....omg I am dieing.
I LOL'ed @ sieg's big weapon. Trying to compensate for something, Sieg?
Gotta love that Star Wars music in the background
I don't really know how to explain how I feel about this video... but I liked it LOL
the whole time I was watching this i was just thinking, "are you serious?" LOL


Jan 30, 2012 at 11:29 PM
Posted by AJV
Well with the release of Soul Calbiur 5 I've been very excited and some might remember the little preview I posted before...Here it is! :D
Since November of last year I've been working on making the cast of characters and animating this film which I hope fellow Soul Calibur fans and everyone else enjoys.
For the first time too you will see that I have special fx (thanks to lightsaber maker) in

Music and Sounds are from Star Wars and Soul Calibur 4
I do not own Star Wars or Soul Calibur (though it would be cool if I did XD ), but the film I made myself and all animating,editing and special fx were done by me: AJV Films.
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