Soul Calibur 5 | pacneemius (Patroklos) VS NuProphett (Pyrrha Ω)

It honestly is because they took my Cassie. Imma really organic fighter, i like to move and angel step forward AND backwards....and Cas was just SO PERFECT lol......(but really she had a tool for everything, her with Just mm mm) lol
It's because they took away your Cassie Pac.
Ah Kingwalker. Yes, bizarrely, you do kick my ass more often than not. I would play you more, if I didn't find your personality so repellant.
To Kingwalker: I'll play you Nuprophett: we were alot more even in SCIV, on this one i gotta be havin a good day or im pretty much boned lol.
i got videos of you gettn your ass kick too but its just a game so nothing to serious at just all love
Sounds about right... seeing as the uploader wasn't there for them. :)
Look ma, I'm on tv! lol.
... Though I wonder where the videos of the other 5 or 6 matches we had just after this are. Considering how those went, I get the feeling they'll never be posted on YouTube. :D
pacneemius wont play me for
By the way Arch Deity, I don't claim to go super scion, bankai, or the weak little Sharringan eye when i JG like i used to, It's all about the Rinnegan. LOL look it up in the dictionary get enlightened - why I made a Pain Kilik of all Styles.
You didn't answer my question? I do not recall playing you, but I don't mind at all if you wanna post some videos.
Where is The Arch Deity in this video, Jimbo? But no, I would like to think I'm a decent player. :)
Isn't Arch Deity really bad at this game?


Jan 19, 2013 at 1:31 AM
Posted by Deitous
pacneemius shows off with his Patroklos against a known Soul Calibur veteran.
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