Soul Calibur 5 | Scesmoon (Astaroth) VS The Arch Deity (Nightmare)

You cut me... you cut me deep, Fenris.
Deitous, I just like trolling Moon. Also Who Are You?
scesmoon complains about ppl ce after -2....hes a joke
Scesmoon always stage picks. "Play a level without walls?! OMG NO WAY!"
lol Fenris, I see you're still bitter about getting trolled, It feels good to know you remember me... sorry ;)
My God. That Was Bad. Dropped Combos Everywhere. Just Goes To Show You How Bad These Kids Are.
How to play Astaroth:
Step I: Land a CH 4A
Step II: Do 1K after CH 4A



Jan 21, 2013 at 11:20 PM
Posted by Deitous
Good fight against an exceptional Astaroth player.
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