Soul Calibur 5 - Viola's B+K BE = Shenanigans

Jesus Christ.
I am actually angered by this.
90% sure that combo dropped before the next AAB last patch - I know it does this patch.

Also - as the guy who made this video - you guys have to realize, a lot of this stuff CAN'T be hit confirmed. She just has to commit to that meter on the B+K BE.
idk if it still is guaranteed: BE B+K SET 6B+K (right as BE B+K hits) (step to viola's right) SET AAB 2A+B BE 2B+K 6 AAB jump K (should have a close range KND if the combo is made agianst the back of opponent) SET 2A+B. There was a glitch: after the jump K close range KND, you can use BE 2B+K 6 AAB ORB 2A+B again and it should stun them again. then just do a 3rd BE 2B+K and do 6 AAB jump K SET 2A+B again. idk if this exists in the patch, i notified them of it but somebody doesnt want others to know about this...........
Awesome video, scary damage is scary.
B+K BE buff was stupidly unnecessary.


Mar 22, 2012 at 6:47 PM
Posted by Fatal_Exodus
And many shenanigans were had in patch 1.02
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