Soul Calibur IV - Zasalamel Skill Project 3.0

The idea was to give some nostalgic feeling to the video. Back to 2008 when I used to record my videos using a toaster XD
Good stuff! But was this recorded on VHS or something? xD
Sick. Though I will say the meme filter makes it hard to see some of the combos.


Jan 12, 2018 at 8:57 PM
Posted by Vini
Hello Everyone,

After the announcement of SC6, I started to play SC4 again just for fun. And after almost 10 years of the realease of this version, I still learn new things. That's why, in my oppinion, SC4 is the deepest fighting game ever made. Even now you can discover new things about this game.

I decided to use some old notes I had and new ones I learned to make a another Zasalamel video (and, probably, my last SC4 video). There are almost 10 years of gameplay here and I want to share to you.

I expect you enjoy the video and it adds something to you.

* Youtube forbided the original soundtrack I used, so I will upload it on Vimeo too. Link:

Here is my Zasalamel Skill Project Video 2.0 (also has the same soundtrack problem and also has the Vimeo option on it's description):

Any question, feel free to ask and I will be glad to answer it as soon as possible. Please, share and subscribe to my channel. There are other SC videos there.

I hope Zasalamel will come back on SC6.
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