Soul Calibur V IRM(Maxi) vs kAb(Natsu) HYPE First To 3

I think im supposed to be offended by such a whitty insult. So in retaliation, ima call you a pillow biter
@IRM...i stole it from Drake first. So lick my nutsack.
@HRD i stole this edit from Drake. GTFO salty nigga!! <3
Certain characters have different dialogue against certain other characters.
Natsu, Xiba, Leixia and Maxi all travel together, and all have chummy dialogue between them.
Were new character quotes made for the game at some point? A couple of things Natsu said were new to me. And she sounds deeper.
Yay thanks, i need to study this match up!!
Tired of IRM stealing my color edits. Get your own material you jackwagon
So if I am to defeat IRM... I must destroy the Style of Gangnam
Started slow as hell, but you guys put on a good show as it went on.
LOL i didn't have my music during Winners/Grand Finals lol.
Well maybe if you had Gangnam Style on repeat for the entire match, you would have won Winter Brawl 7. Your fatal mistake lol.
I dont think so.
How "Winter Brawl 7" would have ended. lol


Mar 14, 2013 at 6:06 AM
Posted by IRM
Just something to tie you guys over until the next HTRTM
Hope you enjoy
Shout outs to kAb for getting 3rd at Winter Brawl.
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